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Ken Stewart Visits Vietnam With BFIRST Charity Workshop

This week one of our consultant plastic surgeons, Mr Ken Stewart, has been in Vietnam at the Viet Duc hospital in Hanoi leading a workshop for surgeons in ear reconstruction with the BFIRST charity. The organisation trains surgeons working in the poorest countries in the world to enable them to undertake reconstructive Plastic Surgery, releasing children and adults from the state of poverty and destitution associated with disability and deformity.

The surgeons there are a fantastic team lead by Dr Nguyen Ha. This was Ken’s third teaching trip to Hanoi. It was a great opportunity for him to see familiar faces and great to see that they are up and running building ears on their own.


Unfortunately, with 95 million people, a higher incidence of congenital ear absence (microtia) and 70 million motorbikes with ear trauma being common, they have a lot of work on their hands.


Another workshop is planned next year. Donations to support this via the BFIRST charity are sincerely welcomed. If you’re looking to give a charitable gift this festive season then why not find out more about some of the amazing projects BFIRST support and how you can help them.

Here at Refine we are invested in sustainable surgery and continue to strive for access to safe surgery for everyone.

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