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Ewa Gives Lecture at the Association of Breast Surgery Conference

Ewa was honoured to give lecture on ‘Long-term outcomes of bilateral therapeutic mammaplasty – clinical characteristics and quality of life’ at the Association of Breast Surgery Conference earlier this month.

Bilateral therapeutic mammaplasty is a procedure performed in a multidisciplinary setting with the breast surgeons in selected group of women with breast cancer who wish to conserve their breast but would have ended up lopsided. The procedure involves having a lumpectomy and the remaining breast tissue is being reshaped whilst at the same time the other breast is being reduced so that both breasts would look symmetrical in terms of size, shape, nipple symmetry at the end (at the time of cancer surgery). In Ewa’s NHS practice she has been working closely with the Breast Surgery colleagues from Edinburgh Breast Unit looking after this group of patients.

Ewa presented a poster on ‘Comparison of post-operative patient satisfaction and health related quality of life following latissimus dosi flap and lipomodelling breast reconstruction, deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap breast reconstruction and bilateral therapeutic mammaplasty using BREAST-Q questionnaire. The topic and results were met with great interest as patient reported outcomes form the core of patient-centred care and current standards of practice.

Ewa’s lecture on long-term outcomes following bilateral therapeutic mammaplasty was featured on Twitter and liked by Association of Breast Surgery.

View Ewa's consultant profile here. 

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