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We’ve Been Published!

Ken Stewart has recently been published on the topic of surgical otoplasty in the “Clinics Review Articles”* – a medical journal that contains a collection of articles on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of congenital ear deformities.

One of Ken’s specialisms is ear reconstruction, and in the article Ken discusses prominent ear correction and cartilage-sculpting techniques, providing another example of how valued his experience is in this field.

Did you know that otoplasty accounted for 1.3% of plastic surgical interventions performed in 2016 by US plastic surgeons? And 3.2% in the United Kingdom? Check out one of our older articles describing Ken’s appearance on national television to talk about 3D technology in reconstructive surgery: /latest/dr-ken-stewart-tells-bbc-about-3d-technology-reconstructive-surgery

If you are considering an otoplasty procedure then check out our Facebook for more information, or contact us about booking a consultation with Ken: /contact-us 


*Surgical Otoplasty: An Evidence-Based Approach to Prominent Ears Correction, (Kenneth J. Stewart and Luca Lancerotto)

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