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Dr Cameron Raine visits Miami for Baker-Gordon Symposium

This was Cameron’s first attendance at the Baker-Gordon Aesthetic Surgery Symposium held annually in Miami. The conference was first held in 1966 and is now in its 51st year. Thomas Baker, who founded the conference, was in attendance looking a picture of health!

The conference offers live surgical demonstrations via a video link allowing the chairman to ask questions of the operating surgeon. The themes this year included face lifting techniques, high volume fat grafting to the buttock and breasts, breast uplift and enlargement (augmentation mastopexy) techniques as well as female genital cosmetic surgery. The faculty were from all over the world but mostly North American as you might expect.

The conference was well structured and an excellent educational experience all round. The faculty were all highly skilled and Cameron came away with several useful technical tips that he has already incorporated into his current practice in Edinburgh. Cameron commented that the only downside was he could have done with a couple of extra weeks to explore the Florida coast line. Maybe next year!

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