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Annual BAPRAS meeting

The annual BAPRAS Winter Scientific Meeting will be taking place from 29th November – 1st December and one of our surgeons, Dr Ken Stewart, has been invited to give a lecture on ear reconstruction. BAPRAS is the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, a charity that acts as the voice of plastic surgery in the UK and aims to raise awareness of the breadth of plastic surgery and promote innovation in teaching, learning and research.

The lecture will take place on 1st December when Ken will be discussing the issues restoration of form, function and psychosocial wellbeing that are the key goals of external ear reconstruction.

On being asked why meetings such as these are so crucial to the field, Ken answered ‘Every surgical career is a journey; sometimes difficult, often rewarding, but most often highly rewarding. Collaboration with colleagues nationally and internationally enhances the experience enormously.’

We wish him good luck! 

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